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A renovated, mid-century ranch-style home nestled in the hills.

Each corner and nook of the hillside here presents a new way to entertain or relax. There's a sunken fireplace, an upper patio for dining and barbecuing, a lawn and sky-facing pool for playing and soaking, and a chance to enjoy the expansive views out to the city at every turn.

An edible education garden and kitchen. 

Field trips to the garden will introduce little ones to organic and regional food production, sustainability, and healthy cooking through a diversity of features and associated programming. The garden features several kid-scale outdoor gathering and reflective spaces, edible landscaping, an orchard and pollinator meadow, a chicken coop, a propagation house and toolshed, a composting area, and a seed bank library.

A serene, secluded retreat with feathery textures and lavender accents.

The front fence and gate – galvanized steel with grid-wire infill – frames an elegant palette of silver sheen kohuhu, weeping bamboo, feathery grasses, dark purple flax, lavender, Elvin thyme, blue flame agave, and peppermint trees. The side courtyard is soft and introspective, the backyard is hedged with African fernpine which encloses a small lawn, a dining area, citrus trees, and a raised vegetable garden.



07  /  24  /  2020

A six-story housing project that was assembled in six days


05  /  28  /  2019

Educational urban agriculture in Los Angeles: Lessons from the Rainbow Garden

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