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Ashland Ave

The front and back yard redesign of this family residence is characterized by high interest and a dynamic palette of colors and textures. The entrance is lively, incorporating a shaded fountain and a “pool” of silver carpet, surrounded by white roses, yellow kangaroo paw, fragrant sages, colorful succulents, pineapple guava, California lilac, and more.


We designed for a vibrant atmosphere in the backyard, with bright pink and purple bougainvilleas, purple hopseed bush, rosemary, blue chalksticks, paddle plant, and red hot pokers. The outdoor kitchen, royal trumpet vine-covered pergola and dining area, and pool framed by roses esplinar and fragrant citrus trees make a back patio space that is perfect for playing children, entertained guests, relaxing relatives, and a very good dog.




Santa Monica



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