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Hill st

This residential redesign features a contemporary entrance with a simple but sophisticated palette to frame the unique geometries of angular concrete walls, an offset primary path of concrete pavers, and a secondary cross-path of decomposed granite leading you first to a sculpture before turning you toward the side yard gate. Bright beds of scarlet kangaroo paw, glossy green spiny-head mat-rush, and foxtail agave are complemented by the argent accents of silver carpet and olive trees.


Around the back, we designed a pool with a spa, retractable pool cover, and a planted pool wall for the kids to jump off of. The pool area also includes a contemporary seating area and fire table. The back deck has an outdoor kitchen and dining area with an operable shade structure.


We love the opportunity to craft custom detail into our project elements: the concrete mail wall, the cushion ridges and brackets of the poolside seating, and the stair tread nosing on the front and back steps of this project were all tailored to the needs of the client and context of the site.




Santa Monica



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